Jedi Prep School: Living the Force, by G.J. Carr

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This book, available only as an eBook, explores the Force as it applies to everyday life in our universe, not just the Star Wars universe. It was written by G.J. Carr.

Examples of ContentEdit

Jedi Prep School: Living the Force is an exploration of the Force from the point of view that it is real, here and now. It discusses common misconceptions of the use of the Force as well as contains excercises for readers to do to become more attuned to the Force.

Light Side and Dark SideEdit

As was discussed in the New Jedi Order series of books by Vergere, light and dark exist only within the user and not within the force itself. According to this view of the light and dark sides of the force, light and dark are meaningless words attributed to what are, in actuality, just two different ways of accessing the Force, which is only one thing, not two separated things.

"Dark and Light are an opinion and a construct of society. In the infinite vastness of time and space, light and dark are values and not an aswer." -Chapter 9

Higher Dimensions of RealityEdit

In the view of Jedi Prep School, the Force exists (as do we) in higher dimensions, which the human mind does not automatically experience. Only by changing the way we think about reality do we achieve the ability to comprehend higher dimensions.

"Your existence (held within your body) in this 3-dimensional perception of reality is dependent upon what makes up your "self" in higher dimensions... What you take for reality is just a small piece of a vast self." -Chapter 10

"Living the Force" is, in effect, opening oneself up to experiencing a higher reality. "Higher" in that we envision subsequent dimensions as going "up" from the one which we experience.


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